Precision Playgrounds
45 Alabama Avenue, Suite 200
Jacksonville, FL 32218

Phone: (904) 636-5106


What is Precision Playgrounds and what do they do?
Precision Playgrounds is a premier playground installation company, specializing in county parks, schools, daycare centers, etc.

Do you need an office or can you work out of your home?
You do not need to rent office space. A home office is sufficient.

Do I need previous experience?
No experience is necessary. We will train you for everything you need to know, both in the office and in the field.

What are my startup costs?
Start up costs for a single franchises ranges anywhere between $98,500.00 to $150,000.  This includes the Franchise Fee and equipment.

What are my royalty fees?
The royalty fees are 13% of gross sales.

Is there financing available?
In certain circumstances, we offer in-house financing for a portion of the Franchise Fee. This can be discussed.

Will I be purchasing the playground equipment?
No, we are strictly an installation company. All of the equipment gets drop-shipped to the job site directly from the manufacturer. 

Are the playgrounds made of wood? Do I need carpentry skills?
Most playgrounds are not wood, except for one particular product line. Usually the equipment is prefabricated steel and plastic. Everything is delivered to the job-site, knocked down and packaged to avoid shipping damage.

What are my advertising costs?
You are more than welcome to advertise, but this is a very unique industry where most of your advertising is through word of mouth and referrals. We have been in business over 15 years and our franchisees have never needed to play any ad,  not even in the yellow pages.

What areas are available for new franchisees?
Please see the map below.  Our target areas in 2018 are the most important as we have existing customers in these areas.  Heavily populated areas can support more than one franchisee in that location.  (For example, Atlanta has 2; Jacksonville has 4).  Our franchisees are a team and often travel out of their area to perform work in other territories.  If you are interested in a particular area, please call our office for more information.

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