Meet the Team

Mr. Craft founded Precision Playgrounds in 2002 as the recreational equipment installation industry needed GREAT installers.  "Doing it right -- the first time" became his motto early on and hence Precision Playgrounds has grown to become the number one installation company in the country.

President & CEO

Scott A. Craft


Mr. Gunter became Mr. Craft's partner in 2016.  His primary responsibility it to train and coach our franchisees.  "Making our franchisees successful benefits all of us."  Mr. Gunter has also been installing playgrounds since 2002.  He has played a vital role in shaping and growing the  company. 

Director of Franchisee Development

Titus Gunter


Stacey began working for the company in 2015 when there were only four franchisees.  She has been an instrumental part in growing the company to where it is today.  Her responsibilities include management of all office functions, as well as recruiting new franchisees, marketing, new business development and customer relations.

Director of Operations

Stacey Pyle


Patty has been with Precision Playgrounds for two years.  As project manager, Patty is responsible for scheduling over 700 jobs per year.

Project Manager

Patty Meisoll

Kenya wears many hats at Precision Playgrounds.  Her main responsibilities is coordinating deliveries with our franchisees.  She also handles all permitting in Florida and acts as an executive assistant.

Project Coordinator

Kenya Dixon

Brittany handles all quote request.  She is very productive, handling about 20 quotes per day.  

Quoting Specialist

Brittany Upchurch

 handles all our accounting functions which include billing and receiving payments.  

Accounting Specialist



45 Alabama Avenue, Suite 200, Jacksonville, FL 32218

(904) 636-5106